Saturday, 29 May 2010


Loving Spain, but getting here had a few speed bumps...
First of, I wake up late in London. Personal fact; I´m incappable of making it to the airport on time. But, that doesn´t fly internationally, so, hurry up and put your shit in the bag Brown. After nearly tumbeling down my hotel stairs it´s time to check out. Sounds easy enough, it never is. Since I´m me, of course I forget to notify Chase that I will be traveling overseas. They shut my debit card off. Mother f*ckers. I´m late, penniless, and hungover (whole other story). Luckily, the hotel manager agrees to take pity on me and charge me later when I can reach the fraud dept of Chase. I find the Tube, and off to Madrid via London City Airport...
Spead bump #2; The worst flight I´ve ever been on. It was a lot like my last serious relationship; very turbulant, I was nauseous for most of it, and it lasted for way too long. Mostly kidding ;). It was my first full-blown anxity attack of 2010... On an airplane... 37,000 feet in the air... During breakfast... Awful and embarassing. But after a few concerned co-flyers ask me if I´m alright I pull it together thinking ¨people aren´t so bad¨.

Madrid, just as beautiful as London with a little more ´flava´...
I check into my room and am pretty underwhelmed. Twin bed, no window (prison style breezeway I´ve grown accustomed to from my time living on broadway and melrose), and the constant smell of ethnic food that I cant quite place the origin of. All in all I couldn´t care less how awful the room is because I wont be spending much time in it.
Since check in I´ve wandered around both aimlessly and with purpose depending on my mood. Thus far I´ve checked out the rolal palace(Palicio Real), the royal gardens(huge and a really good hike ;)), and numerous Plazas and churches.

What I´ve noticed so far; 1, Street garbage cans here are really small (should I take this as the Spanish people don´t need huge garbage cans because they waste less than americans do?). 2, Either most spanish women dress like whores or I´ve came across a LOT of prostitutes. 3, Street performers here pretty much blow anything I´ve ever seen out of the water...amazing. 4, Bums seem to more or less fight about the same things with eachother as they do in the states.
Well, it´s been another long day of walking and taking it all in so its time for a beer or two.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day 1, London.

London. Beautiful and old. I walked around all day and feel like I haven't seen anything yet. Almost get on the London Eye but decided against it. Cant figure out where the hell Buckinham Palace is. Saw a Jillian doppelghanger and wanted to take her picture but she looked pissed off so I kept walking. Walked into Westminister Abbey and notice every single person is talking on their cell phones. Then I realize they aren't cell phones but automated tour guides. Oops. I got one and take the whole tour. Amazing how much history one place can hold. Head to Trafalgar square and ate lunch by the fountain. See a pack of kids that look like they go to Hogwarts and kinda wish I had gone to a school with uniforms. Getting legitimately worried I may use up my cameras memory card on the first day. Next, decide to check out the National Gallery. I get lost walking around looking at paintings. Literally, I cant find the exit but I'm okay with it because there is so much to see. Finally figure out where Buckingham Palace is and start walking. It's HUGE. My feet are killing me so its time to find a pub and have a beer. My wheels are turning and I'm thinking "I could live here". Flying into Madrid tomorrow and am excited but wishing I had more time.