Saturday, 29 May 2010


Loving Spain, but getting here had a few speed bumps...
First of, I wake up late in London. Personal fact; I´m incappable of making it to the airport on time. But, that doesn´t fly internationally, so, hurry up and put your shit in the bag Brown. After nearly tumbeling down my hotel stairs it´s time to check out. Sounds easy enough, it never is. Since I´m me, of course I forget to notify Chase that I will be traveling overseas. They shut my debit card off. Mother f*ckers. I´m late, penniless, and hungover (whole other story). Luckily, the hotel manager agrees to take pity on me and charge me later when I can reach the fraud dept of Chase. I find the Tube, and off to Madrid via London City Airport...
Spead bump #2; The worst flight I´ve ever been on. It was a lot like my last serious relationship; very turbulant, I was nauseous for most of it, and it lasted for way too long. Mostly kidding ;). It was my first full-blown anxity attack of 2010... On an airplane... 37,000 feet in the air... During breakfast... Awful and embarassing. But after a few concerned co-flyers ask me if I´m alright I pull it together thinking ¨people aren´t so bad¨.

Madrid, just as beautiful as London with a little more ´flava´...
I check into my room and am pretty underwhelmed. Twin bed, no window (prison style breezeway I´ve grown accustomed to from my time living on broadway and melrose), and the constant smell of ethnic food that I cant quite place the origin of. All in all I couldn´t care less how awful the room is because I wont be spending much time in it.
Since check in I´ve wandered around both aimlessly and with purpose depending on my mood. Thus far I´ve checked out the rolal palace(Palicio Real), the royal gardens(huge and a really good hike ;)), and numerous Plazas and churches.

What I´ve noticed so far; 1, Street garbage cans here are really small (should I take this as the Spanish people don´t need huge garbage cans because they waste less than americans do?). 2, Either most spanish women dress like whores or I´ve came across a LOT of prostitutes. 3, Street performers here pretty much blow anything I´ve ever seen out of the water...amazing. 4, Bums seem to more or less fight about the same things with eachother as they do in the states.
Well, it´s been another long day of walking and taking it all in so its time for a beer or two.


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  1. Eek, I'm gonna say that a small airplane is the WORST place to have an anxiety attack. Spain sounds ermaze! Maybe I should move there since I love to dress like a whore. Keep up the blog J. I'm loving it. Miss you bunches!!!