Thursday, 17 June 2010


So, I´m sick. On vacation. Wonk wonk. I woke up on monday (my last day in Valencia) with a sore throat and head ache. The next morining when I got up to head the the train station I felt worse. Instead of immeadeatly laying down and getting rest when I arrive at my hotel in Barcelona I decide to go out and walk around with Casey and have something like 12 glasses of wine/sangria. Brilliant! All in all it was worth it because we had a lot of fun and met a few really intoxicated people. The next day however was not so fun. I decided I needed to stay in bed all day/night and hibernate so that I could feel good for Paris the next day. Casey went and did some sight seeing and I did some recuperating. I read all of ¨Less Than Zero¨. Ate a lot of cheese. Spilled a whole Fanta in my back pack. Watched a lot of the National Geographic channel in Spanish. Stared out the window. I am, the morning we are leaving for Paris, and I feel a lot better. So, good bye Spain, its been fun. My apologies Barcelona for not being able to see all of you. I´ll be in Paris in a few hours. Hollar!


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