Saturday, 12 June 2010


I know it´s been a while since I´ve posted but I really don´t have much to write about this week. I kinda planned Valencia (the third largest city in Spain on the Eastern coast) as a vacation within a vacation. My hotel is right on the beach next to the marina and race track.
The only real exploring I´ve done has been desperately searching for a place to do my laundry (with no luck). I´ve seriously looked everywhere and cant seem to find a place. Do spaniards not wash their clothes?!
I´ve been a beach bum during the days and going for long jogs and reading a ton at night. It´s been very relaxing but I´m already getting excited to move on to something a litle faster paced.
On Tuesday morning I´ll be taking a train to Barcelona to meet up with my friend Casey and will most likely end up getting drunk for the first time on this trip. Twist my arm ;)

Talk to ya from Barcelona!


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