Sunday, 6 June 2010

Libra de Ingles!

Eureka! I found a book store on Thursday night that sells books in English. While the section was way in the back, up a small ladder and around a dusty, unlit corner I was still very happy to see it. The selection was small and mostly British authors but I settled on ¨Winter in Madrid¨ by C.J. Samson (thought it was appropriate reading). Its about 3 Brits living in Madrid during World War 2. They are all there for different reasons and their lives are intertwined in different ways. I got VERY into this book and have done little else the past few days but read and was able to finish it last night. I have a new perspective walking around the city now. More of a sense of its history and all the different kinds of people that have been here before me. Now I need to get a new book tonight before I get the itch again. I´m sure it makes my mother immensely happy that the kid who flat out refused to read anything but comic books in elementary school now has a serious addiction to real books.

This morning I headed to The Reastro, The biggest and oldest flea market in Madrid. It was nuts! Tents and huts as far as the eye can see and there is something for everyone. You need jewelry, its everywhere. A chandelier, they´ve got it. Cheese, yup, that too. Seriously, anything you could possibly think about buying and all you have to do is look for it. In ¨Winter in Madrid¨, the Reastro was where the poor would sell valuables they had taken while looting the upper class homes during times of war and also where the same upper class would come every Sunday to try and buy back their family heirlooms. I got some pretty cool gifts for a few of my people back home.

Its my last day in Madrid and I´m getting a little sad. A couple days ago I couldn't´t wait to move on from the feeling of being land locked. Its been strange staying here for someone that grew up on water and lives a block away from the Lake in Chicago. Its like feeling constantly thirsty and not a drop of water in sight. Today though I don´t feel any of that. Instead I feel the need to scramble around and see all the things I´ve loved while being here one last time before I board the train To Valencia tomorrow. Did I mention I have a place on the beach there? ;)

Earlier on my run I noticed concert seating and a stage were being set up across the street from the Palicio Real. I have no idea what the concert is or what its for but I´m gonna go check it out. Talk to ya´ll from Valencia!




  1. Beach? Jelly! Im dying to see pics. Meet any hot mens yet?? MISS YOU!!!

  2. J-

    I have to say I never in a million years would think you would be one to go to europe and alone at that. Your amazing and I am proud of you, I know I couldn't do it. Everytime I read your blogs I picture you there and everything your doing, your not a bad writer at all. Your on an amazing journey you'll remember for the rest of your life so live it up as I'm sure you are. I am soooooo jealous. Have fun.