Saturday, 19 June 2010


Im actually writing this from my hotel in Rome (just got in) but the last two days in Paris have been amazing! Paris is a very exciting place to be even when you have a cold and generally feel like shit. Its beautiful, the people are crazy and your cab driver usually drives a brand new mercedes.
Since I've been under the weather the first night we took it easy and walked around a bit and went out to dinner. Then walked to the Moulin Rouge (which was right by our hotel) and decided to take a mini tour through our neighborhood. It was a little choo-choo train and looked like the "it's a small world" ride. It turned out to be quite the embarrassment when a large group of rouge Parisians harrassed us when we drove by their soccer victory celebration. I couldn't really blame them though....we looked ridiculous in that thing.
Day two we took the boat tour all through the center of town and took in all the major sights. The tour started at Notre Dame and sopped at The Louvre, Hotel Deville and The Eiffel Tower along the way. All of which are ridic and the Louvre is by far one of the most impressive and enormous things I've seen on my travels here.
I have the same feeling about Paris I had about London; I could definately live here.
Ok, off to explore Rome and eat some authentic Italian food!



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